Adventure Awaits Cuff/Bangle Bracelet

Adventure Awaits Cuff/Bangle Bracelet

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This lovely Bangle/Cuff bracelet can be made on Sterling Silver or Aluminum if you are looking for an affordable option. Aluminum wont tarnish but Sterling Silver is a thicker and stronger metal.



Sterling Silver bangle: Width: 6mm , Thickness: 1.2 mm

Aluminum: 6mm x 15.25mm (1/4" x 6")


6" is the standard wrist size.

There is an option for 7" bangle in both metals if you have a thicker wrist.


Handstamped is an unique process in which each letter is stamped one at the time by me, not a machine. Some variation in depth and spacing may occur. This adds to the uniqueness and makes your piece one of a kind.

  • Care Instructions

    To keep this item in optimal condition:

    • Take it off when showering or swimming.
    • It won’t tarnish but the design or letters might lose the darkness in time. If this happens you can use a permanent marker to get it back, apply it over the piece and remove it with a damp cloth after 20 seconds.
  • Return Policy

    As our handstamped pieces are custom made we do not accept returns. 

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