Round Discs

Round Discs

6,00 €Precio

Create your own Bespoke Round Disc, customize your disc size, choose your chain length, add your words/name/special date and add a charm. 


Bespoke Round Discs:

  • 9mm (max 1 letter) - €6
  • 12mm (max of 6 letters horizontal) - €8
  • 16.5mm (max 9 letters horizontal)- €10
  • 16.5mm (max 25 letters 3 / 4 lines horizontal) €10


* With the 12mm discs you could have two lines of max 6 letters each if you wish, or you could have more letters if you want to have the word/name stamped curved. Just please let me know in the Special box if you want it in any specific way.

* With the 16.5mm discs you can have just one word in the middle if you wish, or you could have few words (max 20 letters, and depending on the lenght of the words/names, they could fit in 3 to 4 lines).


If you need help with anything please do not hesitate to contact me.






  • Care Instructions

    To keep this item in optimal condition:

    • Take it off when showering or swimming.
    • It won’t tarnish but the design or letters might lose the darkness in time. If this happens you can use a permanent marker to get it back, apply it over the piece and remove it with a damp cloth after 20 seconds.
  • Return Policy

    As our handstamped pieces are custom made we do not accept returns or exchanges, but please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

  • Important!

    Please double check what you have added on the Custom box and make sure its the right spelling as I will stamp on your piece whatever you have added it. Thanks! <3

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